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Welcome to Kru USA LLC

The KRU Muay Thai System

is based in NJ and its curriculum is the first of its kind. It is a complete Martial Arts System that includes a progressive rank system, inclusive of fitness, technical skill and self defense combat applications that has been modified to not only be safe for the practitioner, but alot of fun, too. KRU Master Instructor Ace Ramirez was featured on MTV's popular series "MADE" as an exclusive COACH where he exposed was first to expose Muay Thai Kickboxing to the public as he helped transform a teenage girl deal with her Bullies in school while also finding the confidence to reach her personal goals.

Meaning of “KRU”?

“KRU” is literally translated from the Thai language as meaning “teacher”. KRU Muay Thai is therefore a teaching style. Not to be confused with “cardio kickboxing”, the origins of Muay Thai date back thousands of years to Siam now known today as Thailand.

“KRU” is also a homonym for “crew”, or defined as a group of single-minded people who share a common goal.
Therefore we like to think that we never train without our “KRU”, our teachers and peers. The KRU Muay Thai curriculum thus involves both components, and is completed by our will to learn, progress and grow.
KRU Muay Thai is a highly sought after program that is practiced in school from the West Coast of the United States to the UK in Europe. You will find the best quality of instruction as well as have the best facilities to train in. Great environment with all the benefits such as confidence, weight loss, strength, speed, self defense and more.



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