KRU is very excited to now offer the Instructor Training Program

Professional Produced, Customized video marketing packages to help launch your program at your school.

The KRU Muay Thai Online Training Module is a very important part of the certification process. Here are some of the keys points

1. It will allow the participant to engage in the learning of critical requirements that should be studied and practiced before any Live Training can be attended. 

2. By uploading your own videos for review via online, Master Ace Ramirez and staff will be able to consult any reference you decide to deliver, from basic footwork to complex pad holding details. This is like having your own personal consulting to increase your speed in learning and perfecting your KRU Muay Thai techniques and teaching skills!

3. As a part of your inclusive bundle, you are free to email as many times and you’re your questions as you wish to help improve your program and get started. This support is not normally offered in any other course but you will get it here!