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Ivan Pellei , Ultimate Martial Arts in Long Island says:
Dear Master Ace Ramirez,

Thank You for an amazing weekend in Tampa, Florida! Speaking to you as a person that has been involved in the Martial Arts business for many years as a martial arts academy owner, it is refreshing to speak to someone that not only has an amazing program in KRU Muay Thai but also has a tremendous grasp in the martial arts business and delivers that information in a refreshing powerful way that inspires his “KRU”. Every member at the event including people not involved with KRU was inspired.

Master Ace Ramirez your Muay Thai is elegant beautifully executed yet is extremely powerful! Thank You for sharing it in such a palatable way that ensures every student can “get it”. In addition your teaching methodology is extremely well thought out and perfect for any martial arts academy owner to add a new program and add tremendous value and demand to their academy. The program is definitely in high demand from people from the outside of the academy looking for Muay Thai , Furthermore, it is such an interesting program that my current members which had no understanding of what Muay Thai was about are completely intrigued as well as refreshingly stimulated. I highly recommend “KRU Muay Thai” for any student or academy owner that is looking for a Valuable training program that keeps students coming back for more and me having fun teaching a program that is refreshing, amazing and most important the curriculum is already complete. I am really so glad I don’t have to think about what to teach next.

As far as your Martial Arts business consulting is concerned I am thrilled because you always reply to my emails. I can come down for a face to face if I really have a question or a concern. Any immediate assistance is either followed up by yourself or a staff member of yours that can handle that question if you are out of town. However the most important part of your consulting is that you don’t have me change what I teach and know in my other programs you just translate in a way that I can present it and get my values worth. I was never once told to stop teaching what I know in order to stay in business that many other martial arts consultants do. I can continue to teach classical martial arts in a traditional way that still carries on the lineage. ( you just powerfully consulted me in a  way to continue doing that Art without compromising my love for it). Also you have developed an amazing palatable Muay Thai program and provided excellent consulting advice , marketing tools and  materials to reach the community with. Thank You Master Ace Ramirez to the dedication to your Art Muay Thai! Thank You for  sharing it with us! Thank You to your dedication to us as coaches! I know my students benefit because of your love and dedication to your TEAM. Thank You Sir!


 Coach Ivan Pellei

Shawn Monday, Bulldog Muay Thai in Kansas City says:
"I have been training Muay Thai for 12 years, and teaching for 3 years. But i must say that the information I learned this weekend was so good that i had this happy feeling in my belly that i hadn't had in forever. Just in what I learned in the basic drills was amazing, and I feel it will take my training and teaching to the next level. It opened my eyes alot to training methodology. loved it loved it loved it!"


Coach Jonathon Yaung, Combinations MMA in New Jersey says:
I’ve been doing Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai and BJJ and I learned more this past weekend than in my entire life”


KRU Scott Meier, Itsera Fitness in Colorado says:
“Not only was the experience was great, but more the personal touch… He (master ace Ramirez) is always true to his word. A valued experience, more than any I have had in a long time.”


Coach Lior Klejner, Jeff Gordon MMA in Maryland says:
 “Most important I learned how to teach better. Talk to people better and how to be a better coach”.


Coach Greg Borrego, The Dojo Karate Academy in Texas says:
“Master Ace has helped me through the whole process, he has coached me step by step on how to run curriculum, most importantly how to put it all together. How to turn a traditional martial arts school to a (KRU) Muay Thai school. I want to thank him for everything he has done. He also throws the BEST Seminars there is! If you are thinking about KRU Muay Thai and adding it to your system, no matter what system, traditional karate school, Tae Kwon Do school or Ju Jitsu school…KRU Muay Thai is the way”


Coach Kareem Amerson, KRU Muay Thai in West Virginia says:
 “KRU Muay Thai Certification... I love it, It’s tough, It’s thorough, and It teaches you how to be a proper Thai fighter. It helps you build up your school, increase your enrollment, all the things you need to have a good martial arts program you get it here…from Social Networking to merchandising, everything. Thank you Master Ace, I really appreciate you, I’ll definitely be back! I feel like I am a part of the family. I feel like they have taken me in and made me feel special, made me feel at home. Thank you Master Ace.


Instructor Dave Ferreira of Evolutionary Martial Arts in Hackettstown, NJ speaking about the success of Master Ace Ramirez and his KRU Muay Thai Instructor Certification System and how the program has helped his school. For more information please visit www.krutraining.com


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