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overview of Muay Thai Instructor certification

The original KRU Muay Thai Instructor Certification Program was designed in 2002 to help Martial Arts school owners implement the same successful rank progression program that is offered at our Headquarters in New Jersey. We have taught this program to students of all ages, from children as early as 7 years old to adults in their late 50’s. Since 2002, we have evolved this simple Muay Thai Instructor Certification into a highly organized, comprehensive system.

What many fitness to martial arts certifications do is offer weekend training delivered by experts in their field, spend very little time examining your knowledge in the same material and you often leave with a paper declaring that you are now authorized to teach that program. Unfortunately, there is usually little or no follow up by either the participant and the educator for implementation, current progress, or continuing education. At KRU Training, we do not believe that a weekend seminar will give you enough education to “set you free” so you may make all the changes as you see fit in one of the most sought after “styles” on the market.

I hope you will find that we are not a simple weekend certification program.


Here are a few things that are included in your KRU Muay Thai Training System & License:

Price includes 1 Registered KRU Instructor Participant at single location
60 Day Implementation and marketing Plan
Class Integration Tips & Grand Opening Strategies
Online access to our Pre-Requisite KRU Level 1 Muay Thai Student Curriculum
(Use to familiarize yourself with our teachings BEFORE your Live Training Weekends)

Online access to our KRU Level 2 & 3 Student Curriculum.
“Upgrade Strategies” used to maximize overall KRU Student Value & Retention
Valuable updates and answers to all your teaching questions customized for you!
Teacher Specific Training – What do the Coaches and Instructors need to know.
Access to unlimited Muay Thai Classes at our Main Campus in Tenafly, NJ
Unlimited email interaction for all your questions.
*Limited Rights to use the Official KRU Muay Thai name and logos.
Limited Rights to use our Ranking System, which includes unique uniforms and rank promotion methods (pioneers in this area).
Be featured on our highly visited website as an authorized training location with rank status. Get more leads and recognition.
Have a protected area for maximum concentration of student reach.
Ability to be the State and/or regional Director for our INSTRUCTOR ASSOCIATION and AMATUER COMPETITION CIRCUIT

What we do NOT do is:

• Ignore you after you enroll. We will be working TOGETHER on making your transition as smooth as possible. Communication is important because we are interested in your success and needs.
• Make you buy All Branded Merchandise at an overpriced value from us. But we will direct you to special vendors who can give you needed products at a great value.

• Collect Testing Fees from you and your students.
• Prevent you from training with other instructors or be affiliated with other networks.
• We ARE NOT A FRANCHISE. We provide an ongoing educational system for programs such as KRU Muay Thai and regulate the licensing of the trademarked name and logos of KRU

In addition to all the above benefits, if you are ready to ACT RIGHT NOW and be a part of the growing base of qualified facilities that will offer to the community a safe, fun and educational class in the MOST COMPLETE MUAY THAI KCIBOXING PROGRAM ANYWHERE, then we will offer you the following BONUS OFFERS that will make it irresistible to join the KRU FAMILY. 

Please fill out the below form to receive more info on our KRU Muay Thai Instructor program and NEW Muay Thai Club program for your school!



To help you get started, Master Ace Ramirez and his dedicated staff will be providing at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, live implementation calls to you to help understand your immediate challenges and get you to implement quickly and efficiently.


Get ongoing training tips from guest trainers and champions from around the world to add fun and variety to your classes.


Custom Consultation. Have yourself or your teaching staff submit their class lessons via video so you can get ongoing mentoring on improving your Muay Thai education and skill set to make your experience with us invaluable. (Priceless)


Unlimited Training. When in our area, all KRU Certification registered members will have access to UNLIMITED MUAY THAI CLASSES at our Main Training Facility in New Jersey. ($2,388 Value Included!).


Now more affordable than ever! Be prepared for the flood of students and Get additional staff certified at a huge discount. Additional Instructor at ONLY $99 per month each and $50 After! *Same location only. Separate location facilities need primary license agreements.


UNLIMITED LIVE INSTRUCTOR TRAINING WEEKENDS. (If you enroll in our INSTRUCTOR program by Nov 1, 2012). Each KRU Live Instructor Training weekend will offer you and any registered Coaches a concentration of the BEST personal guidance and ability to be promoted from a Probationary Coach, Jr. Instructor to Sr. Instructor.
Usually offered quarterly, many have attend one weekend per year due to financial reasons, however with this Never Been Offered Bonus, you can now attend and become the MOST HIGHLY SKILLED MUAY THAI INSTRUCTORS at NO ADDITIONAL COSTS!

*These training weekends previously were priced separately from certification at normal price of $599 per weekend per person. We are including it for FREE with this act now Bonus!

(You must attend live Weekend Training in order to be Officially Certified as A KRU COACH, INSTRUCTOR or KRU TRAINER. Certification is based upon performance requirements not just attendance, so practice BEFORE attending).

MA Supershow 2013!

 If you join between now and July 4, 2013 and contact via  you can still receive that offer!

For a limited time we are offering a special call to action for all school owners and instructors who wish to add structure to their current Muay Thai course or add this unique and highly comprehensive curriculum and business management program in their facility.

If you register prior to the next Special event you will also receive the KRU Media Viral Video Custom Package ($2500 Value!)

Click Here to See  a sample of the Custom Video you will receive for your use!


Click Here to See a review of our Last Coach Training Weekend in California!! 



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